Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fed Ex Man loves my house!

So lets back up to last night when I cam home from work after 6 days in a row and feeling exhausted. I had some Pineapple Coconut Ice Cream, so amazing, it tasted like a pina colada!
So refreshing after longs days of work and being short of workers because the flu hit NW Iowa really hard!

This morning I wanted another refreshing breakfast and still have some more apples to eat up.

Enter fruit cereal: apple, pineapple, kashi cereal and flaxs seeds. I took a picture before I put cereal, otherwise it would have got soggy to fast and I hate soggy cereal messes. This was a perfect way to start the day!

Around lunch time the Fed Ex Man came with 2 packages for me. He loves coming to my inlaws house and putting packages inside their garage because my step father-in-law restores Ford Mustangs and the Fed Ex man thinks thats really cool and loves looking at them and asking questions!
But I'm more interested in my goodies: Enter Oikos Greek Yogurt in some great flavors and wiide variety of sizes.
A big thanks to Kristina from the company who sent me some instead of coupons because I can't buy them anywhere in Iowa, I appreciate this so much and can't wait to dig in!

Also in the mail was something I've wanted for a really long time, but being expensive I waited and saved up all my coke rewards and when I reached a certain number of points I got a $50 gift certificate to Nike and bought this running skirt for $10 of my own money, what a steal!
I'm so excited to wear it, its very comfy and has a cool pocket in the back.

No work tonight but my father in law is coming up to this part of Iowa from where he lives in Northwest Arkansas for a business trip and wants to meet all three of his boys + me for dinner. Hope to get some pictures of us and of the food, can't wait to relax and enjoy!

Do you have a special workout piece you love to wear or really want to buy?


Rachel said...

I love that running skirt! I have been wanting one, but haven't gotten one yet. And I totally hate soggy cereal too. My boyfriend literally can nurse a bowl of cereal (with milk) for an hour... by the time he eats the last bite it is complete mush and looks so disgusting. He's the worlds slowest eater, I always make fun of him because his ice cream is soup by the time he actually gets it in his mouth.

Enjoy the Oikos, I've never tried it. Looks great! How did you get them to send it to you, did you email and ask? It's awesome they are willing to do that since you can't buy it in Iowa!

Kristine said...

i just discovered oikos greek yogurt this past week and im hooked! ive only tried blueberry which is delicious. im excited to try the other flavors.

brandi said...

Ooh, you'll love the Oikos!!! I can't find some of the flavors here, but I love their yogurt.

That ice cream is amazing, right? one of their best flavors, I think.

that running skirt is so cute!

I have a running top/shorts that are green and black that I love.

Anonymous said...

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