Friday, October 9, 2009

New Site

Please update your readers and blogrolls lovelies, I've moved to my own site:

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fed Ex Man loves my house!

So lets back up to last night when I cam home from work after 6 days in a row and feeling exhausted. I had some Pineapple Coconut Ice Cream, so amazing, it tasted like a pina colada!
So refreshing after longs days of work and being short of workers because the flu hit NW Iowa really hard!

This morning I wanted another refreshing breakfast and still have some more apples to eat up.

Enter fruit cereal: apple, pineapple, kashi cereal and flaxs seeds. I took a picture before I put cereal, otherwise it would have got soggy to fast and I hate soggy cereal messes. This was a perfect way to start the day!

Around lunch time the Fed Ex Man came with 2 packages for me. He loves coming to my inlaws house and putting packages inside their garage because my step father-in-law restores Ford Mustangs and the Fed Ex man thinks thats really cool and loves looking at them and asking questions!
But I'm more interested in my goodies: Enter Oikos Greek Yogurt in some great flavors and wiide variety of sizes.
A big thanks to Kristina from the company who sent me some instead of coupons because I can't buy them anywhere in Iowa, I appreciate this so much and can't wait to dig in!

Also in the mail was something I've wanted for a really long time, but being expensive I waited and saved up all my coke rewards and when I reached a certain number of points I got a $50 gift certificate to Nike and bought this running skirt for $10 of my own money, what a steal!
I'm so excited to wear it, its very comfy and has a cool pocket in the back.

No work tonight but my father in law is coming up to this part of Iowa from where he lives in Northwest Arkansas for a business trip and wants to meet all three of his boys + me for dinner. Hope to get some pictures of us and of the food, can't wait to relax and enjoy!

Do you have a special workout piece you love to wear or really want to buy?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away

It's raining afain here in NW Iowa and they are already predicting snow this Sunday:(
So definetely needed some more PUMPKIN OATS this morning.
  • 1/2 cup oatmeal
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 cup skim milk
  • pumpkin
  • brown sugar
  • pumkin pie spice
  • banana on top and on side

Close up on this amazing goodness, I hope I don't ever get sick of this because it's so tasty and stays in my tummy FOREVER:)
I went for a 4 mile run at the gym and stetched my hamstrings, so sore.

Lunch was a Sweet Tango apple and a Whole Berry Blast Probar. I was still really full from the oatmeal, a good thing but hopefully not to hungry at work because never enought time to eat alot.

2 more nights of work, so tired! We were short last night because the flu hit NW Iowa like crazy. So last night I had to work extra to make up for that, which equals more knee pain since I'm on my feet all night. Hopefully I can rest them for a while and might need to ice them and start wearing my ACE bandage again. We'll see!
What breakfast foods fill you up for hours?

Monday, October 5, 2009


Yay for Fall and cool pumkins and gourds everywhere. My MIL came home with these for her kitchen from the grocery store the other day.

I think something is in the Iowa dirt!
I started this day comforting my hubby @ 6:30 who woke up REALLY sick, which isn't like him and he still went to work:(
I somewhere in between there had my first ever PUMPKIN oats but didn't take a picture because it was so good I ate it within seconds, and will definetely be making it tomorrow am and will take a picture;)
Next was running and since its a wonderful 40 degrees and raining the treadmill was calling my name. I did 75 minutes and I think that was about 9 miles, felt good.
When I came home I wanted a little snack to tide me over for a while and remembered my Heart Thrive cakes in the freezer. I tried the Lemon Poppyseed flavor first and it didn't dissapoint, very good and so great post-run with the nutrition.

I also had some Tazo Awake Tea. This was my first time trying this brand and it was really good, and perfect for this kind of day.

Perfect warmth:)

My posts have been sort of random lately and missing some meals and this is due to some ED issues, but also because Blogger sucks and I'm in the process of swithing to Wordpress with my new website. This should be up later this week depending on the hubby's health, so stay tuned and I'll let you know when to update your readers!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Planning for a Marathon

My alarm went off for the first time in a month this morning, I've really gotten used to sleeping in until 8am every morning and waking up on my own. I quickly got up and got all my cold Under Armour gear on and ate a quick simple breakfast with cereal, bananas, granola bar and peanut butter. I also fueled up with some sugar free red bull. I always frink one before a road race and in my mind it helps:

Since the race was in town we didn't leave the house until 10 minutes before it started. I ran a little to warm up because it was 42 degrees here this morning. I then got my number and t-shirt and lined up. It was a small race, lots of college kids because it was for their homecoming.

When we started I hit go on my iPod and it was the first time I ever brought my iPod to a race to help me keep my pace up to hopefull PR. The route was great and there were a lot of college wrestlers running this that were keeping a 6:30/7:00 mile pace and I tried to keep up with them as much as possible. When I realized how close we were to the end I looked down at my iPod and it said 20:30 minutes I booked it and ended up PRing the he!! out of this race. I got 21:17 and my normal is 23:30 about. I can't believe how great I did for not really training and slacking on the nutrition lately, something in the Iowa air?
Anyways I got 1st place and and won 5lbs. of gummy worms, my favorite! Also had a post-race banana and granola bar.

An older lady (maybe 30) came up to me right after the race and said good job and asked my time and I told her I shaved 2 minutes from all previous 5k's. She asked if I did marathons too and I told her I want to but haven't made it that far yet. She said I would do great at marathons given my current running PR and training I've been doing lately.
After that conversation it got me thinking about why I haven't gone after marathons yet, I mean I've been running 7 years, my moms ran at least 8 marathons, I've done about 20-30 5k's and10k's and I'm good. A lot of others around me including some other wonderful blog ladies are doing marathons and completing their goals like that. So I'm thinking about signing up for a marathon this coming June because I need to stop fearing marathons and know that I'm fully capable of this great feat. The one I'll be doing is Grandma's Marathon in Duluth, MN,it's a beautiful course. Sign up isn't until January and it's a first come, first serve basis and I know getting a hotel can be hard, so I'm crossing my fingers and praying to get in. Even though it's almost 9 months to go I still want to start training and preparing now because I want to make sure I'm healthy enough to do it.

If you have any tips or advice on planning I would love to hear it!

Onto after race fuel I had some Amazing Grass from the package I won from Lynn and Christy over at the Actor's Diet. It was great for some post-race energy and thanks for the win girls!

After stretching out the hammies and quads I had some Aged White Cheddar Chips, amazing flavor!

I'm off to work again for day 2 of day 6 straight!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

House Hunters

Breakfast today started out as a new creation to spice things up a bit. I was sort of in a rut with cereal, banana and PB everyday. So I decided an apple would be better since its finally OCTOBER! I also put some pineapple, kashi go lean and a couple Peanut Butter chips, so good. More late on what kind of apple it was!!

The new Cinnamon Raisin Swirl has not dissapointed. I love
chunks of raisins and the cinnaminny (sp?) taste all wit the pb!

And here is the 1st gem of the day. I got this package from my parents yesterday. It has some Luna products, oatmeal packets, salsa and the newest creation of apple from the University of Minnesota, SWEET TANGO. It's so amazing, born just like the honeycrisp we all love. The U of M has created another masterpiece. Probably only sold in Minneapolis, but keep an eye out near you for this gem!

My second package of the day was from Heart Thrive and I was really excited to finally try these.

From the company they say "Heart Thrives are a delicious, vegan and non-gmo energy bar. Made with oats, soy and dried fruits, each Heart Thrive supplies 30% daily protein, fiber and calcium. Heart Thrives aremade from ingrediants with a low glycemic indexthat metabloze slowlyproviding sustained energy for hours."

Thank you again to Mark at the Heart Thrive Company for letting me sample these amazing cakes. The flavors are awesome.

As for the title of this post my hubby and I have been looking at houses. We only looked at 4 but its very overwelming and I don't really know what I want for sure and what we can afford, even though every house in Iowa is so cheap!

Hopefully in the next 2 weeks we will have picked one out and put in an offer. We want to be in a house of our own for the Holidays.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jon reviews Pirates Booty Snacks

Hello again, this is Jon (Leianna's husband). This time I am reviewing Pirate's Booty Puffed Rice and Corn snacks. I like potato chips so this seemed to me to be a good thing. Leianna gave me choices of all different kinds of flavors like veggie, onion, and BBQ. I definitely wanted the BBQ flavor so I offered to do a review on that.

The snacks had the texture of a cheeto, which was good, I am guessing that they did that to make the snacks less heavy and more healthy. The taste was very good too. Sometimes when you get a healthy snack the flavor is awful, but they seemed to get the flavor right. It tasted like a regular Lays BBQ chip.

My overall grade for this one is an A-. The minus is in there only because there package did not have enough snacks. What is your favorite chip flavor or combination?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Packages Galore

Good Afternoon ladies! I've had a lot of great things happen since the last post including some positive energy and a new focus.
My job went from part-time to full-time which means buying a house sooner. I also got a really big check from all my unused vacation at my old job in Minneapolis:)
And I got 2 awesome food packages in the mail!

I'm starting here with last night dinner I made @ 9pm, oats in a jar. Thanks to a wonderful empty jar and some pineapple I hada great after work dinner!

Then my hubby showed me this cool package I got from Pirate's Booty.

Look at all those bags of chips, so excited to try some. Come back tomorrow am for a hubby's review of the BBQ kind!

Breakfast this morning was a Flat-out wrap:

And a 1/2 of a banana:
And some Cashew Butter, a great recommendation from VeggieGirl. I loved it so much. Different from regular PB or AB, but more real!

And lunch was some lettuce with a little cheddar and some taco dressing, which I only used a little because it was strong, but still very good!
And after lunch I got a great package from Rachel who agreed to do a switchy of Peanut Butter. I'm so grateful to her and her blessing of a note, truly made my day! Thanks Rachel so much! Hope you like yours too.

Off to work and then 2 days off again!
Have you ever done a blogging switch of products?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Dad's Birthday

Wow, it's been another weekend and Saturday went by way to fast. We changed oil and washed cars. My husband golfed and I ran. We had Pizza: me Sweet Swine and him Bronco. I got an awesome package from a great company whose products I can't wait to try. I truly think I need to reevaluate my eating lately, it's been all over the place, not as structured as I like and my ED is truly taking over again.
But first I want to tribute the first half of this post to my Dad who turns 59 today and is celebrating with all my family in Pine City, MN because it's also my uncles/dad's brothers birthday today too. Wish I could be there:(
This first picture is of my dad and I at our rehearsal walking me down the aisle where I lost it and cried the whole time.
And this was after dinner at the actual Wedding for our dance. More happiness:)
Onto the wonderful package I recieved from Katie @ Vitalicious. I've wanted to try all these different varieties for a long time and was so excited when she said she would send me some to sample. I can't wait to dig in. I also hid them in the freezer so no one else would touch them. With lots of boys around this household they would be gone in an hour if I shared! My hubby will also review one later in the week.

Look at all those delicious varieties: Banana Nut and Chocolate Peanut Butter. And way more that I'm excited for, good thing these will last me a while, just don't tell anyone..ssshhhhhh:)

Both breakfasts this weekend were yogurt messes with Chobani Pineapple, last of the Cinnamon Puffins, canned Pineapple, and of course PB! As you may have noticed lately breakfast is my favorite meal and after that I sort of neglect lunch and dinner/get lazy. I have good intentions butsometimes the ED comes though and talks myself into eating nothing, eating couples bites or eating meals and feeling guilty. I need to get past this so I think coming up with an eating plan might help me. I need to get some more greens/nutritional food in there without losing weight as well, which is hard for me sometimes.
I always been a 3 meal a day girl, but thinking lately 5 mini meals would be better. I also need to up the water intake, which is truly lacking and making me feel sluggish during runs.
Sorry for the quick rant/down, but I feel stuck and living in Iowa doesn't help, not a lot of healthy options around here or much support from the meat and potatoes crew.

I'm watching the Vikings right now and going to church @ 6pm. Other that that just trying to relax my heel from pounding runs:(

What's your preference: 3 meals a day or 5-6 mini meals a day?

Friday, September 25, 2009

Salsa Time

Starting off todays post with some pictures my mom sent me this morning. The first one is of my husband and I at our recent going awa to Iowa party.

The next couple of are salsa that my parents make every year from veggies from my dad's garden and lasts us a year or two.
They make so many different kinds and batches and its fun to go in the basement and pick out the next one.

Heres my mom trying some, this is the best time to try it. All warm and fresh:)

Look at all those wonderful jars!

Getting sealed!

Now onto my breakfast. It included my free sample of Bear Naked Cereal. It was really good on top of my yogurt mess.
Peanut Butter, yogurt and pineapple!
I then went for a cool 7 miles. I hate that it's getting colder around here. I then did some Yoga for Runners and tried to stretch out my hamstrings.
Lunch was 1/2 of this Southwestern Salad.
And some guacamole for dressing.
Work tonight from 2-9:30pm then off for the weekend. WOOHOO!! Much needed.
My husband also says that he wants to do reviews/guest posts once a week. He loves this blogging thing, so you will be seeing more of this!
What are your weekend plans?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

5K Race Sign up

Today was my day off finally, I defintely needed the extra rest. I didn't sleep at all last night and woke up around 8am when my hubby got up for work. I wanted something really, really good for breakfast so I concocted something with all the stuff I had around.

  • cottage cheese
  • banana
  • pineapple
  • chocolate Pure Bar
  • Peanut Butter

It was really good and I can't wait to make it again soon.

I then went for a leisurly hour run around the golf course. It's been getting cold here in Iowa so I've been thinking about getting a gym membership soon because running outside in Iowa winters sucks! A 3 month membership would be $81 minus a 15% discount for me working at the hospital, and trust me I will get my moneys worth:)

I then felt compelled to sign up for a 5K on October 3rd at Northwestern College, which is in town here and it's their homecoming that weekend. It was only $10 and it should be a fun, fall run. There is also another college in the next town over that has their homecoming 5K on October 17th, but it's @ 11am and I might work that day but still might do it, we'll see!

The rest of the afternoon I spent on Hulu watching Biggest Loser and Gossip Girl, so excited I finally got to see both and they both blew me away. Great way to start each season!

Dinner was a concoction my MIL and I mushed together. I thought stir-fry and we looked through cupboards for extra add-ins. I ccame up with rice, frozen veggies, stir-fry seasonings, bean sprouts, and pineapple. My MIL had shredded turkey, olives, and peanuts.

It turned out really good, amazing flavor and lots of extras for leftovers.

I'm off to watch America's Next Top Model and relax.

What did you all think of my hubby's post?

Thinking about having others do reviews and maybe have my mom or brother do a post too.

P.S. Allison from Green Dog Wine is having her 1 year bloggie birthday giveaway!