Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jon reviews Pirates Booty Snacks

Hello again, this is Jon (Leianna's husband). This time I am reviewing Pirate's Booty Puffed Rice and Corn snacks. I like potato chips so this seemed to me to be a good thing. Leianna gave me choices of all different kinds of flavors like veggie, onion, and BBQ. I definitely wanted the BBQ flavor so I offered to do a review on that.

The snacks had the texture of a cheeto, which was good, I am guessing that they did that to make the snacks less heavy and more healthy. The taste was very good too. Sometimes when you get a healthy snack the flavor is awful, but they seemed to get the flavor right. It tasted like a regular Lays BBQ chip.

My overall grade for this one is an A-. The minus is in there only because there package did not have enough snacks. What is your favorite chip flavor or combination?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Packages Galore

Good Afternoon ladies! I've had a lot of great things happen since the last post including some positive energy and a new focus.
My job went from part-time to full-time which means buying a house sooner. I also got a really big check from all my unused vacation at my old job in Minneapolis:)
And I got 2 awesome food packages in the mail!

I'm starting here with last night dinner I made @ 9pm, oats in a jar. Thanks to a wonderful empty jar and some pineapple I hada great after work dinner!

Then my hubby showed me this cool package I got from Pirate's Booty.

Look at all those bags of chips, so excited to try some. Come back tomorrow am for a hubby's review of the BBQ kind!

Breakfast this morning was a Flat-out wrap:

And a 1/2 of a banana:
And some Cashew Butter, a great recommendation from VeggieGirl. I loved it so much. Different from regular PB or AB, but more real!

And lunch was some lettuce with a little cheddar and some taco dressing, which I only used a little because it was strong, but still very good!
And after lunch I got a great package from Rachel who agreed to do a switchy of Peanut Butter. I'm so grateful to her and her blessing of a note, truly made my day! Thanks Rachel so much! Hope you like yours too.

Off to work and then 2 days off again!
Have you ever done a blogging switch of products?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Dad's Birthday

Wow, it's been another weekend and Saturday went by way to fast. We changed oil and washed cars. My husband golfed and I ran. We had Pizza: me Sweet Swine and him Bronco. I got an awesome package from a great company whose products I can't wait to try. I truly think I need to reevaluate my eating lately, it's been all over the place, not as structured as I like and my ED is truly taking over again.
But first I want to tribute the first half of this post to my Dad who turns 59 today and is celebrating with all my family in Pine City, MN because it's also my uncles/dad's brothers birthday today too. Wish I could be there:(
This first picture is of my dad and I at our rehearsal walking me down the aisle where I lost it and cried the whole time.
And this was after dinner at the actual Wedding for our dance. More happiness:)
Onto the wonderful package I recieved from Katie @ Vitalicious. I've wanted to try all these different varieties for a long time and was so excited when she said she would send me some to sample. I can't wait to dig in. I also hid them in the freezer so no one else would touch them. With lots of boys around this household they would be gone in an hour if I shared! My hubby will also review one later in the week.

Look at all those delicious varieties: Banana Nut and Chocolate Peanut Butter. And way more that I'm excited for, good thing these will last me a while, just don't tell anyone..ssshhhhhh:)

Both breakfasts this weekend were yogurt messes with Chobani Pineapple, last of the Cinnamon Puffins, canned Pineapple, and of course PB! As you may have noticed lately breakfast is my favorite meal and after that I sort of neglect lunch and dinner/get lazy. I have good intentions butsometimes the ED comes though and talks myself into eating nothing, eating couples bites or eating meals and feeling guilty. I need to get past this so I think coming up with an eating plan might help me. I need to get some more greens/nutritional food in there without losing weight as well, which is hard for me sometimes.
I always been a 3 meal a day girl, but thinking lately 5 mini meals would be better. I also need to up the water intake, which is truly lacking and making me feel sluggish during runs.
Sorry for the quick rant/down, but I feel stuck and living in Iowa doesn't help, not a lot of healthy options around here or much support from the meat and potatoes crew.

I'm watching the Vikings right now and going to church @ 6pm. Other that that just trying to relax my heel from pounding runs:(

What's your preference: 3 meals a day or 5-6 mini meals a day?

Friday, September 25, 2009

Salsa Time

Starting off todays post with some pictures my mom sent me this morning. The first one is of my husband and I at our recent going awa to Iowa party.

The next couple of are salsa that my parents make every year from veggies from my dad's garden and lasts us a year or two.
They make so many different kinds and batches and its fun to go in the basement and pick out the next one.

Heres my mom trying some, this is the best time to try it. All warm and fresh:)

Look at all those wonderful jars!

Getting sealed!

Now onto my breakfast. It included my free sample of Bear Naked Cereal. It was really good on top of my yogurt mess.
Peanut Butter, yogurt and pineapple!
I then went for a cool 7 miles. I hate that it's getting colder around here. I then did some Yoga for Runners and tried to stretch out my hamstrings.
Lunch was 1/2 of this Southwestern Salad.
And some guacamole for dressing.
Work tonight from 2-9:30pm then off for the weekend. WOOHOO!! Much needed.
My husband also says that he wants to do reviews/guest posts once a week. He loves this blogging thing, so you will be seeing more of this!
What are your weekend plans?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

5K Race Sign up

Today was my day off finally, I defintely needed the extra rest. I didn't sleep at all last night and woke up around 8am when my hubby got up for work. I wanted something really, really good for breakfast so I concocted something with all the stuff I had around.

  • cottage cheese
  • banana
  • pineapple
  • chocolate Pure Bar
  • Peanut Butter

It was really good and I can't wait to make it again soon.

I then went for a leisurly hour run around the golf course. It's been getting cold here in Iowa so I've been thinking about getting a gym membership soon because running outside in Iowa winters sucks! A 3 month membership would be $81 minus a 15% discount for me working at the hospital, and trust me I will get my moneys worth:)

I then felt compelled to sign up for a 5K on October 3rd at Northwestern College, which is in town here and it's their homecoming that weekend. It was only $10 and it should be a fun, fall run. There is also another college in the next town over that has their homecoming 5K on October 17th, but it's @ 11am and I might work that day but still might do it, we'll see!

The rest of the afternoon I spent on Hulu watching Biggest Loser and Gossip Girl, so excited I finally got to see both and they both blew me away. Great way to start each season!

Dinner was a concoction my MIL and I mushed together. I thought stir-fry and we looked through cupboards for extra add-ins. I ccame up with rice, frozen veggies, stir-fry seasonings, bean sprouts, and pineapple. My MIL had shredded turkey, olives, and peanuts.

It turned out really good, amazing flavor and lots of extras for leftovers.

I'm off to watch America's Next Top Model and relax.

What did you all think of my hubby's post?

Thinking about having others do reviews and maybe have my mom or brother do a post too.

P.S. Allison from Green Dog Wine is having her 1 year bloggie birthday giveaway!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Husband's Review on Yogurt

First off, I am not Leianna, I am her husband. She asked if I would write a blog post in regards to this new yogurt that she has been eating. Since I am a "meat and potatoes" kind of guy she tried to convince me to eat and do a review on Chobani Yogurt.

Leianna is more of a health nut, I am more of a hefty kind of eater. I reluctantly accepted her invitation and decided to give the yogurt a try. I have had yogurt before when Leianna made me try to eat more healthy. While regular yogurt is OK, I didn't find it irresistible like I found Pizza, or Steak. Because of that I didn't eat a lot of yogurt.

My first bite of the Chobani Yogurt was like an adventure into the unknown. I didn't know if it would taste like seaweed or something, so I closed my eyes and ate it. It was pretty good for being so healthy. What I really liked was the fact that it had real seeds from pomegranate (which was also the flavor). That gave it more than just the old yogurt flavor. It also beats flax seed (which Leianna has also put in my yogurt in the past).

Overall I would rate it a B+. Has anyone else forced there husbands (or wives) to eat something experimental?

Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm back and No Sweets Week

Good Afternoon Bloggies! It's been a weekend of crazy work, sore legs and not so great or energizing food. So needless to say I took the weekend off from blogging but it was filled with other to-do list madness!
Breakfast this morning was my favorite thing ever: Pineapple Chobani with a little trail mix!

I then ran 6 miles outside, but let me tell you how crazy it was because it rained all night last night so it was wet and it's only 62 degrees outside! Also it was so windy I thought I was running in place!
I then came home to a package sent to me from my mom from Minneapolis, I really needed this because I've been really missing home! In it was my CamelBak , important mail and bills(yuk), Free Kashi Sample , TJ's almond Butter, lumpy bumpy bar and a new bar from Cinch!
This is my beloved AB!
And I had to try the Lumpy Bumpy Bar right away! So good, like a healthy candy bar and my last sweet for the week because I'm teaming up with Whitney for a NO SWEETS WEEK!

I need it because I've been eating a little too much lately and have noticed the drop in energy level!
I'm off to work again frm 2-9:30 and be back tomorrow am with better pictures and different food!

What's your favorite Fall thing to do or eat?

Mine is going to the Apple Orchard then making homemade Apple pies!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Groceries and Packages

Thanks everyone for entering my first giveaway, I'm glad it was well recieved and I gained more readers and I found more wonderful blogs to follow!
Before I did anything today I went to Wal-Mart for a couple of grocery items, it's the only place around gere for some good groceries!
  • Canned Pineapple
  • Canned mandarin oranges
  • PB and Co. White Chocolate Wonderful
  • Naturally More Peanut Butter
  • Raspberry Vineagrette
  • English Muffins
  • Fruit
  • Black Olives
These are some Bosc Pears and Nectarines! Finally some produce in my life, although I wanted apples, but they didn't have any good kinds. I love Honey Crisps and wanted to try the new one called, Sweet Tango. Did you know that both of these varieties were born at the University of Minnesota. I miss going to apple orchards in Minneapolis, so much fun!

OMG I love Sparkling Water and this one has a Lime flavor, so excited to try this!

Breakfast was a yogurt mess with a banana, pineapple, MixMyGranola, and PB!

Amazing close up.

I then went for an easy 6 mile run around the golf course and then came back to find this package of Chobani Greek Yogurts in Pomegranate and Pineapple flavors. Major thanks to Morgan over at Chobani for sending these to me. I'm so excited to try both flavors and these 12 will last me a while:)

I'm off to plan a stir-fry dinner, hubby works till 6pm and then maybe something fun tonight. The city I live in now is also having city wide garage sales all weekend, so MIL and I will be hitting some up!
What's a product you've seen all over the blog world and would love to try?
Chobani new flavors and Vita muffin tops for me!

Giveawy Winner!

And the winner is..............

Missy from Missy Maintains!

So email me your contact info and send you your goodies!

I'll be back later with some groceries and produce, finally:)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

No produce in the house!

I woke up this morning totaly wiped out and exhausted from work this week, so much on the go and running around. I love work, I just can't do it every night!
Breakfast was a ProBar and it was a great flavor, Nutty Banana Boom. I bought alot of the at Whole Foods before I left MN and I'm glad because I love them. I know they are higher in calories but I haven't been eating enough lately while living with my in laws and not having the foods I really love around, so I need some extra calories lately!

Since there is no produce in this house right now I resorted to some TJ's flattened bananas, pretty good, but probably better with some almond butter!

Lunch was unusual because I was craving pizza and this is what I found, although I would rather have homemade and lots of veggies, this hit the spot today!

Work again tonight 2-9:30pm and then sleeping until noon tomorrow:) Just kidding, I have to announce a giveawy winner tomorrow am! Actually I asked my hubby to pick someone otherwise I would pick everyone, love all your comments!
You have until tomorrow am @ 8am (Central time) to enter My First Giveaway!
What's your favorite way to destress and relax?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ladies Lunch

Look what arrived for me yesterday after work:

It's a great trail mix with cashew, goji berries and cocoa nibs, so excited to digin soon and I got 2 packages!
Breakfast was a mix match of whatever was left in my cupboard/kitchen
  • Cinnamon Puffins
  • Crushed Pineapple
  • HealthyFitRunner MixMyGranola
  • Nutella
  • Blue Diamond Almond Butter

So good and I love the huge dried apple and dried kiwis in this mixture!
I then went for a 6 mile run, cool and refreshing, I love working nights so I can get in a great workout in the am!
Lunch was out with my mother in laws sister in laws (did you get that?) and it was at Casey's Bakery in Sioux Center, Iowa. It's a Dutch Bakery/Deli with some awesome lucnh stuff like soups, salads and sandwiches. My mother in law and I both got a green salad with some chicken salad in the middle, they had great plate presentation. Sorry no pictures, when I'm with people who don't know I do this I don't want to sit there and explain it for a 1/2 hour!
I also learned they have frozen yogurt, I thought I woud never see this again after leaving Minneapolis. So I definetely be coming back here dragging my hubby along!
It was a rush lunch because my mother in law had a class @ 2pm (She's a professor).
Work again from 3-11pm tonight and don't forget about my first giveaway and you have until Friday am!
What's your favorite out to lunch thing to eat?

Mine is definetely a cool new salad!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Grasshopper Spit

So my hubby woke up early this morning for his first day of working his new job! It was like going to his first day of school, so cute in his new polos and khakis, and he shaved!
Anyway breakfast was 2 flat-out wraps with Blue Diamond Almond Butter and Nutella!I had 2 because I had to use up the wraps before they went bad, but I only ate 1 and 1/2, so filling!

Yummy AB and Nutella!
I then applied online for an LPN program for next Fall at a Community College, pray that I get in! I also enjoyed a stroll around the Golf Course, so refreshing.
Lunch was some cut-up veggies and guacamole aka Grasshopper Spit, thats what my dad always called it, so that's what I call it, even though people look at me funny when I say that:)
Some cucumber and radishes, all washed and cut up.

I love this brand of guacamole and I found these 100 calorie packs at Wal-Mart the other day, so perfect for quick lunches!

Working again tonight, 3-11pm. I never talk about my dinners and I can't take pictures there at the Hospital for patient confidentiality so I will tell you that I get leftovers from residents/patients. It's usually healthy and just a lot of munching! All the drinks and cookie bars you want too, which is always dangerous!
What's your favorite condiment?
This is a hard one for me, I love alot of them but my absolute favorite is probably guacamole!

P.S. Don't forget you have 2 and 1/2 more days to enter My First Giveaway and it's a great one!