Friday, September 4, 2009

Jet Skiing

This is what I woke up to: Kitty in a box sleeping! Doesn't look that comfy to me!

Breakfast this morning was Arnolds thins with peanut butter and sugar free raspberry preserves! It was so goo and this was my first time trying Arnold thins and would definetely buy them over and over again!
Up close of peanut buttery and jelly goodness!

I then packed a little bit, put some stuff in my car and took a load of unwanted stuff for Iowa to my parents house. We wont need everything in Iowa for a while since we are living in my in laws house.
At 11am I went to a doctors appt. to have my thyroid checked and blood drawn for the 2nd time this week. My arm is a little bruised but I don't mind, I actually like getting shots:)
My parents and brother then decided we should take advantage of the weather and the fact that this is our last day together for a long time since my brother is moving into his dorm tomorrow and we move to Iowa Monday and Tuesday. We went jet skiiing on a local lake!
My brother has owned 3 jet skis in his life already and hes 19! This particular one came from my Father in Law in Arkansas and wasn't working for a while, but now it's fast (64 mph we were going)

We then stopped for a quick picnic lunch of fresh picked raspberries (red and yellow) from a neighbors house that don't live there anymore!

With homemade salsa, chips and some unpictured canteloupe! This is how my brother and I ate growing up. My family was really healthy. Always lots of fruits for lunch!

Thats my mom taking pictures of my brother with his toy!

Everyone thinks he looks like Prince Harry!

When I decided to come home it was 2:30pm and ! It took me 2 hours to get to my apartment because of Labor Day weekend traffic and a MN Vikings Game downtown, it sucked!
I then had an Oikos Honey for a quick snack and some tuna for extra protein and I'm trying to get rid of everything in my fridge and cupboard! Weird combo, I know!

I then went for a quick 6 mile run to stretch the legs and waiting for the hubby to get home from his last day at his job here.
We are now going out to dinner at Big Bowl, a great restaurant with an Asian flair! Hope to have pictures of this for you tomorrow!
Have a great Friday night!
What's your favorite go-to restaurant?


Anonymous said...

Exciting for your brother! I just helped my little 'sister' move in earlier this week.. she's in Pioneer. You said your brother is going to be a freshman right? How is the mono thing?

My favorite go-to restaurant is pretty darn close to Big Bowl (but better ;) ) - NOODLES! I have a pretty long list of old standby's though... Noodles, Panera, Au Bon Pain, Applebees, Green Mill, Subway.. I feel like no matter what the options are, there will at least be SOME restaurant I can handle! :)

Paige@ Running Around Normal said...

Oooh, I love jet skiing! How fun :) I'd say a go-to restaurant is a local Mexican restaurant called Fiesta Ranchera.

Brandi said...

jet skis are so much fun! sounds like you guys had a great time :)

i love those arnold thins, too.

favorite go-to restaurants are our local burger place or this good mexican place in town.

Anonymous said...

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