Wednesday, September 23, 2009

5K Race Sign up

Today was my day off finally, I defintely needed the extra rest. I didn't sleep at all last night and woke up around 8am when my hubby got up for work. I wanted something really, really good for breakfast so I concocted something with all the stuff I had around.

  • cottage cheese
  • banana
  • pineapple
  • chocolate Pure Bar
  • Peanut Butter

It was really good and I can't wait to make it again soon.

I then went for a leisurly hour run around the golf course. It's been getting cold here in Iowa so I've been thinking about getting a gym membership soon because running outside in Iowa winters sucks! A 3 month membership would be $81 minus a 15% discount for me working at the hospital, and trust me I will get my moneys worth:)

I then felt compelled to sign up for a 5K on October 3rd at Northwestern College, which is in town here and it's their homecoming that weekend. It was only $10 and it should be a fun, fall run. There is also another college in the next town over that has their homecoming 5K on October 17th, but it's @ 11am and I might work that day but still might do it, we'll see!

The rest of the afternoon I spent on Hulu watching Biggest Loser and Gossip Girl, so excited I finally got to see both and they both blew me away. Great way to start each season!

Dinner was a concoction my MIL and I mushed together. I thought stir-fry and we looked through cupboards for extra add-ins. I ccame up with rice, frozen veggies, stir-fry seasonings, bean sprouts, and pineapple. My MIL had shredded turkey, olives, and peanuts.

It turned out really good, amazing flavor and lots of extras for leftovers.

I'm off to watch America's Next Top Model and relax.

What did you all think of my hubby's post?

Thinking about having others do reviews and maybe have my mom or brother do a post too.

P.S. Allison from Green Dog Wine is having her 1 year bloggie birthday giveaway!


allijag said...

Isn't Hulu the greatest? I could waste very many hours a day on there! :)

Thanks for the link lovin my dear :)

homecookedem said...

Loved your hubby's review!! :) I showed my husband to prove that other husband's get suckered into blog stuff and he said, "did he like it?" And I said yes and Andrew said, "ughhh, it tastes like paste!" Ya win some and ya lose some... haha! :)

brandi said...

i loved his post! it's always good to get a guys perspective on all these foods :)

that is an awesome price for the gym membership!

Angharad said...

Your husband is so cute! Ahh. It's really funny seeing Dan's reaction to some of the stuff I eat/do. He thinks I am insane I am sure!
Fun that you signed up for the 5K! Such a fun race to do!

burpandslurp said...

I just read your husband's post! Haha! LOVED it! Can he be a frequent guest post! It's awesome to see the other side of you, different as he is!

Erica said...

yayy for the 5K! That will be fun (plus I love that its only $10!). Your husbands post was hilarious...LOVED it

Anonymous said...

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