Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm an Iowan

Arrived in IOWA last night around 7pm central time, unloaded and then watched a little tv with the in laws and went to bed because I had 8am orientation this morning!
My computer is working right now with their wireless so I can't upload on their desktop because it won't recognize my camera, so frustrating:( I hope to get it fixed by tonight when the hubby arrives with the rest of our belongings!
Recap of yesterdays snackies in the car:
  • I orderered a special HealthyFitRunner MixMyGranola that included vanila granola, dried kiwis, dates and apples, roasted almonds and cocnut shreds. I love this company and can't wait to order more, and I have a really col picture of it:)
  • Jocolat chocolate orange bar, it was amazing too
  • Trader Joes peanut butter with flaxseed for dipping veggies
So much good food and picture and I'm mad I can't show them!

I just got back from my orientation today, so much crap to talk about, also got a tour of Hospital!
I'm going to go run now, because sitting all day yesterday and today is getting to me, then going to check out the grocery store situation!

Have you tried MixMyGranola yet? What's your favorite combo?


Paige@ Running Around Normal said...

Yay Iowa! I was born in Davenport Iowa. Have a fun run!

Brandi said...

I'm glad you got there safely! your granola mix sounds great! i love their stuff, too.

Holly said...

hope your first day went well! enjoy your new job and the mixmygranola - when i get money, i definitely want to try that!