Friday, July 24, 2009

Fridge shots and B-fast

So I was supposed to run this morning with my coworker but threatening weather put a damper on that. It was bassically black sky, lightning and thunder! Scared my kitty:(
The apartment treadmill was then calling my name for a little form of something. I pulled out 2 miles before I couldn't stand the stuffiness in there. No windows or air movement sucks!
I think I'll do some Jillian Michaels shred too!
My fridge shots are okay, mainly a lot of husband stuff like skim milk, leftover taco meat, rotisserie chicken.
My stuff (husband won't touch my stuff "too healthy") is TJ's peanut butter with flaxseed, strawberries, canned pineapple, apple, cottage cheese, grapefruit juice, flaxseed and my AMAZING breakfast courtesy of Meghann from
I loved it! Topped with fage, more pb, and a white peach! I definetely make this again soon.
I work 2:30-10pm tonight so probably wont post the rest of the day until then!

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