Friday, August 7, 2009

Bad day turned AWESOME!

Sorry for such a late update. It's been an AMAZING day!
The Lord has answered prayers like you wouldn't believe! Also my camera is dying and not taking pictures so no cool pictures today! But I would like some advice on new cameras? Any ideas?
It was raining all day, but we needed it so bad here in MSP, so it was a good thing!
Breakfast was cinnamon puffin cereal that my mom bought for me from Trader Joe's yesterday!
I then worked from 7:30-3pm. At work when I picked up my check today I got a coupon for a free cake because it's my birthday month! What a great surprise and that made my day!
When I got home I snacked on a peach and went for a 7 mile run on the treadmill. Sweaty inside a workout room, but my legs needed it so it felt great.
I then went and picked up the hubby from work. Came home to our apartment and my dad and him are working to replace the battery in our car and that will finally be fixed!
While they were doing that I called the Apple store to talk to them about my broken iPod. They are going to fix it for free or give me a brand new one for free! I can't believe that, another great thing to add to my day!
Then we went to a web page for my coffee maker because it was acting up lately. I have one of thoseSenseo that makes one cup at a time. I foundout there that there was a recall and they are sending me a free one!
O.M.G. I can't believe all this wonderful stuff happening in one day!
Dinner will be a mismatch of stuff when they finish with the car here soon!

Hopefully be back with Blackberry pictures later and researching new cameras!


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