Saturday, August 15, 2009

Breakfast and More

Got up alarmingly (is that a word?) @ 6am and leaped out of bed and got ready for work then grabbed 2 of these bananas, one for breakfast and one for a snack before my run with a co-worker! I also was glad there was no traffic on the roads this morning, it was refreshing!

This was also a part of breakfast, although I wish I could find the lemon ones again or the new ones, Peanut Butter and Jelly or Tropical Fruit!
After work I booked it to my coworkers house in Minneapolis and we went for a run around Lake Nokomis. It was 82 degrees and overcast around 11am, so perfect for running! For it being a Saturday it was busy on the paths surrounding the Lake, no wonder Minneapolis was rated the second fittest city in the country, all we do is .runaround our wonderful city lakes! My stats from my Nike + iPod were:
  • 32:22 minutes
  • 4.03 miles
  • 8:01 pace

I have to say I didn't feel like we were moving that fast, because it wasn't hard at all! I'm helping my coworker train for our 5K in September, his first, my 20th?. So I definetely think we are on track!

When I came home I was startving so I went straight for a bowl of goodies containing: cottage cheese, half a banana, nuts/seeds, peanut butter m & m's, pineapple ring and almond butter!

With some yummy Amazing Grass! What a great re-fueling process of eats!
My hubby and I are thinking of going golfing this afternoon, in spirit of the PGA championships in Chaska, MN! I'll be back with pictures of me trying to golf! Praying for no rain as well:)


Anonymous said...

a) if that is an Apple Pie Lara Bar.. I also had an unpleasant encounter with one last night. I think I just don't like Lara Bars period.

b) we ran out to Nokomis today too! But not around. Woulda missed you anyway since we started at 6fracking45 in the morning, but yeeeah - aren't are lakes the best!?

c) have fun golfing PGA style with the big dogs! i have never gotten into golf.. but damn Tiger is a cuttie :)

Anonymous said...

Good job on the run! Wish I had a lake around here to run by!! lol!

Your breakfast looks soo good! Yum!! Hope you have a fun time golfing! :)