Friday, August 28, 2009

Once a day Love!

After everyone's awesome comments I've decided to post once a day to say everything and if I do feel the need to post twice then whatever, but I don't want to feel the pressure anymore!
Also Erica told me I could add more than 5 photos just not at the same time, so that makes me excited! Thanks, Erica!
Breakfast was a bowl of cinnamon puffins cereal and milk that I ate while driving and shifting in traffic:) Opps, usually I make fun of those people that do a million things in a car while they should be driving, but I had no time this morning so I challenged myself and only ate half of the bowl because driving was a little more important!
I decided to have a 2 installment lunch because I sampled foodsall day at work, working in a deli is dangerous! Taco Dip, Special K bars, every kind of cheese and meat, fruit and veggie trays. I had only a couple of each. I also had a bowl of nut mix on break:

  • golden raisens
  • slivered almonds
  • TJ's mini peanut butter cups
  • walnuts
  • pumpkin seeds

Did anyone else hear about the Sigg controversy. You should read the article and if you bought one before August 2008, get a new one! I still have to check mine, but I can't believe I threw away a couple Nalgenes only to find out Sigg is the same and they tried to hide it.

Just a little FYI for the day!

When I got home it was kind of warm so I tried a new combo. Carrot Juice + Mango
It was different but good, I only tried a teeny bit at first to see if I would like it, and then I made more!
So I'm off to relax and wait for the hubby to get home, then we are off to Olive Garden for a dinner out with friends from Wisconsin!

What are your last Friday in August plans?


Anonymous said...

Oh, so today IS the last friday of August...I totally forgot. Well, I had a 6 hour consecutive class schedule today and they all rocked and now I'm bloggin!

Haha, and of course there ain't any rules to blogging...that's what makes it fun! No pressure at all, darling!

Angharad said...

I can't believe it's the last Friday in August!! GAH! I am moving house so that's a fun and festive way to celebrate...or not.

Do what you gotta do on the blogging front lady. My first few days of blogging I was trying to post three times a day but for most of us that is just not a logical possibility!

Have an amazing birthday and time at the fair! Fun!

Anonymous said...

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