Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just Hanging Out

That pretty much sums up my day today: Just Hanging Out! Since I have to work the next 9 days straight, I'm takingtoday really slow and lazy.
Breakfast this morning was some plain yogurt, nut mixture with walnuts, plain m&m's, and almonds. All with a ripe nectarine!

I love my colorful bowls, but noticed how everyone on other blogs have a collection of really cool bowls. This is a set from my wedding gifts that are from Kohl's and I love them but they chip easily and now I feel like I'm getting boring using the same patterned bowls all the time!

The last of my ripe nectarines. I'm going to try to use one in a green monster today!

This is how Lizzy spends her days, laying around and licking herself! And ripping apart my couch with her claws. I just can't come to get them ripped out, but my furniture is suffereing, but it's a good thing it was cheap!

I'm going to nap later and take a quick trip to Walmart to get a good book and some milk for my hubby. He was drinking Almond Milk in his cereal the past couple of days and he wasn't happy!
Any one else out there have a job with irregular hours like me?


runroamrecycle said...

Hi! I just found your blog.. I am also a runner, and I live in Minneapolis too! I don't blog myself anymore... though I might pick it up again. And YES - I definitely have a job with weird hours! I work two jobs - one as a waitress, and the other as a house assistant - my hours are never consistent! Actually I need to head out to work now, but I'm looking forward to coming back to your blog and reading more!


foodnfit said...

I love the bowl! :)

thecaitplate said...

Oh my gosh I ADORE that bowl!! And I'm totally salivating over those nectarines. I need to get some more fruit asap!

healthhappinesshope said...

You totally deserve to be a little lazy today! Augh, 9 days straight of work doesn't sound like fun, but be sure to get out and make time to enjoy the lovely weather!

OMG, I LOVE that breakfast!!! Haha, those M&M's sound like the perfect addition. I am am totally loving those bowls. I always feel like mine are so boring!


Gerald said...

I used to find that odd hours gave me free time when others seem to be on the 9-5 schedule. The stores are less crowded and the park/streets and paths for running are wide open. Just a different spin on a person's way of thinking and seeing.

Anonymous said...

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