Thursday, August 27, 2009

Quality vs. Quantity

So the title of my post this morning is something I've been wanting to address for a while now! Do you think it's better to post a really good once a day post with everything or is it better to post 2-3 times throughout the day with certain meals?
I don't mind either way I just want to make sure everyone is able to read every post and comment when they want and also blogger only lets me put 5 pictures per post!

Onto today, I went home did laundry, walked a lot outside and inside, made homemade salsa (our family is salsa kings, everyone asks for it every year), and took some picture of where I grew up!
This is my house where I grew up. We built it in 1996, and there's a huge park/pond in back and I just love the look!
This was my room in J.H. and H.S., yes it's lime green! It's changed a little because I don't live here anymore, but my curio cabinet in the corner is always a mainstay. It was the first piece of furniture my dad made me and it houses all my rocky horses and my waterford crystal piece from the actual factory in Ireland. This is my favorite thing, the treadmill, which has gotten more use in the past 5 years than most roads get:) Since we live in MN, running in negative, windy, snowy weather sometimes calls for this with a movie!

My mom and I also went to Tj's this afternoon for a couple things including these crackers, gorgonzola flavored!

I ate them with our homemade SUPER SPICY salsa, made with all veggies from my dad's garden! I got to bring some home for the hubby, so it will be gone before I know it now!

Todat was great going home and I stayed true to my CHALLENGE by not running and enjoying the company!
Have you made your own salsa or do you like store brands?

P.S. Rhodeygirltests is having a giveaway featuring something from her amazing honeymoon!



i get lazy with salsa and just buy it in the jar...but it IS easy enough to make....

Anonymous said...

I think it's important to post whenever YOU feel like it. I got frustrated with posting all my daily eats once a day, so now I'm just doing random posts and letting more of my own thoughts and events come through my blog. I think blogging should be whatever YOU find as helpful and enjoyable!

How neat to think back on your years growing up! And so fun about make your own salsa. I've actually never done that before!


Erica said...

I have never made homemade salsa- but I bet its just jammin. I think you should post however is best for you! You can add more than 5 pictures, you can just only add 5 at a time. Once the first five are uploaded, click on the add pictures button again and you can add more :)

Anonymous said...

I like posting once a day that way you can really see everything together! But that's just me.

My dad makes homemade salsa every week.. I'm obsessed!

Holly said...

woowoo for cottage grove! give it up! i think once a day is good for me, but whatever works with your schedules works.

mmmmm...homemade salsa!

Anonymous said...

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