Saturday, August 1, 2009

New foods to try

First off breakfast was a little oatmeal, peanut butter puffiins, a crumbled raspberry chocolate cookie, banana, flax seed and CASHEW BUTTER!

My new products are Eastwind Cashew Butter and Medjool dates! I've never had these 2 before and I almost got there almond butter too, but it was too expensive. I loved the cashew butter though on my breakfast!

I got this book from a co-worker who is a dietician. There are juices and great smoothies in there and there are nutritional values too. So I will definetely be trying some out soon.
I'm off to work now 9:30-5pm. Then a fun dinner!


Angharad said...

I cannot WAIT to try cashew butter! It's firmly on my to-buy list once my Almond Butter runs out! I like the Eastwind brand too - that breakfast looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

Ahh that oatmeal looks delicious!!