Sunday, August 23, 2009

Iowa Recap

Wow, what a weekend in Iowa, I have a lot to catch up on and I hope you all love the new layout/cool graphics. I'm just playing around and trying to catch more eyes!
I really want to thank all those that have prayed for my brother and if you could continue for my family that would be great. He starts school in 3 weeks and the University of Minnesota, so rest is key!
Most of this post I will go over some Iowa recaps and talk about the future! And pictures will suck because of blackberry taking, no camera. But my birthday is this next Sunday, so I'm hoping for a new camera!
* I will warn you of my super unhealthy eats this weekend b/c of being at someone elses house and it was all FREE!
My mornings started with this wonderful cereal. And of course I added some walnuts, pumkin seeds, a pluot (love these) and some Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter!

This windmill is actually the Chamber of Commerce in the City of Orange City. This is the biggest in town, but not the only one. One day I should count how many windmills are in this town. Even the town square has a little mote with every different kind of windmill from the Netherlands!
This is just a random picture I caught quick after my interview to kind of show you the Dutch front on EVERY building in town. It's very cute and shows the character of a small town!

On Friday night we celebrated at my in-laws house with my husbands grandparetns as well, because we are 95% sure we are moving to this town in 2 weeks! I know craziness is coming:)
That night they made 5lb t-bone steaks, that how they roll in Iowa! Needless to say I din NOT eat the whole thing and didn't even touch a potato or anything else. I felt sick after and tried to run, but couldn't. Saturday we golfed and I went with my Mother in Law, my brother in laws girlfriend and her mother. We had so much fun just goofing around and just having fun! what a great afternoon it was! That night we had some Pizza Ranch Pizza, which is only in IA, MN or SD, but beat Pizza Hut or Domino's anyday! I only had 2 small slices and lots of liquid after walking all day:)
This morning started out with church, at my husbands old home town church. It's so great to see my hubby interact with all his old friends and people in this town. He's a popular one!
We now just got home and the hubby went into work to quick finish up some stuff for this coming week. He is going to give his 2 wee notice in one week from now!
I also channeled some of Kristin's sweet savings plan and only spent $30 for a week of groceries. I will be honest and ssay sometimes I spend $75 a week for 2 people and now I know I was buying all worng with a bad strategy! This is what I got and all in season:
  • bananas
  • avocados
  • mangos
  • carrot juice (for a cool recipe coming on a HOT day)
  • pear
  • kiwis
  • blueberries
  • grape tomoatos
  • yellow squash
  • yellow pepper
  • sweet corn
  • Honest tea (seriosly the best)
  • Mango Couscous
  • Fage Peach
  • Fresca (for a hot day mixture as well)

For the future, many of you get the hint of our soon approaching moving to Iowa! I told the company I interviewed for that I could start September 8th! I know that 2 weeks from Tuesday, so moving states, starting new jobs, possibly living with in-laws or my hubby's friend, leaving our apartment and my family!! OMG stress fast approaching!

I will always try to continue normal blogging, so you can see where I am and going soon!

Sorry for long post, so much to say and come!


Anonymous said...

Wow that breakfast combo sounds good!

Anonymous said...

I will definitely keep your brother in my prayers - mono sucks! And if he needs a connection at the U of MN, I'm a junior there! Does he have many friends from home going there? What is his major?

Bummed you'll be leaving MN, but it sounds like you're happy about the Iowa move, so I'm happy for you!

Angharad said...

Wow - that is a LOT of changes! Good luck with everything...remember to breathe!

Anonymous said...

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