Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Seafood Dinner for 2

After the last post I went for a short walk/run. I made sure to put on plenty of suncreen first though. I came back to my apartment through the pool since we live right next to it and I wanted to jump in! But I'm not fond of chlorine with my hair, because it damages it so much. I was a springboard diver in High School and spent 4 years in the pool, with a lot of damage and almost GREEN hair!

When I cam home I started making dinner, which was something I don't normally eat:

PASTA and not just any pasta, it had LOBSTER

And some green and yellow waxed bean that I steamed in the microwave with butter, salt and pepper, YUMMY!

This is what my plate looked like, although I didn't eat all the pasta, because it's so filling and the hubby wanted more, so I gave him half of mine:)

If you haven't already checked out Marathon Val's giveaway, she's giving away a Spibelt, which is a great tool for runner's!
Did you play or participate in any high school sports, unique or normal?

Like I said earlier I was a springboard diver for 4 years, and I was really good until I hit my head on the board during a meet!


Anonymous said...

I used to do Tae Kwon Do, gymnastics, cross-country, and track. I stuck with TKD for about 3 years, but only did one season for each of the rest.
And yikes, Green hair! Glad that's over!

Karine said...

I hate chlorine in my hair too! It become just so sticky, that is nasty!

Ruth said...

I was a spring board diver in college! Yay for green hair :)

Anonymous said...

i never eat pasta either! Or lobster! I don't know why though.. your dinner looks so good!

I didn't play any sports in high school :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just found your blog. Great blog! I have seen those lobster ravolis at TJ, but have never tried them. Looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

Mmm - I haven't had ravioli in SO LONG. I think I'm going to have to pick some up.

Totally hear ya on the chlorine damage. It's definitely worse for blondes with the green hair but as far as drying it out - that definitely goes for all hair colors! Sucks cause swimming is SO FUN! :)

Anonymous said...

OMG, I love lobster ravioli - in fact, whenever we are out and its on the menu, I get it.

Love the beans too! :D