Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Leftover Wednesday

I hit the snooze bar this morning for the first time EVER! I never hit the snooze button, I always get up the first time, so I think this was a hint from the body to get to bed earlier! We'll see how that works because of my never ending to-do list and packing my hurricane of an apartment!
Breakfast was quick with 2 kiwis and some blueberries:
I then worked from 7-2pm. For lunch I had some leftovers and my favorite m &m's, great stress reliever!
Yummy squash!

When I got home I found this in my mailbox:

It's a sample of Greens + and some chia seeds. Thanks to Diane from the company I get to finally sample these things. It even came with a cookbook for Fruity Chia Smoothie, Guaca-Chia-mole, Apple Chia crisps, Chia Quesadillas, Chia pancakes, Chia Stir-fry and Banana Chia Coconut!

Which one of those recipes would you like me to try?
They all look good, but would like other's opinions!
See ya later for another leftover dinner!


Holly said...

ohhh chia seeds...something i still need to try! i did find them at walgreens on sale (for some reason i don't know), so i will have to go back and check them out!

Anonymous said...

I'm totally with you on the snooze button... I have never touched mine! But I can see where it would come in handy those mornings when you just NEED those extra 5 minutes. :)

Awesome package! I'm voting for the fruity chia smoothie. YUM!