Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Minnesota's under water!

Well for about 3-4 hours today in the Minneapolis area there was soon severe flooding and tornado warnings. I drove home in 1 foot of water, which is something I've never experienced before!
This morning on the way to work I had a medium banana and a handful of yummy blueberries:)
This was actually my snack when I got home and ran on the treadmill for 8.72 miles in 87 minutes (treadmill recorded time). It was the cinnamon roll kind and it was okay, but I still love me some key lime pie:)
Going back in the day to my lunch at work and since it always has to be quick, I packed some Black Beluga lentils and frozen veggies with a tupperware for some quick microwaving and shoveling in! I hate that I have only 15 minutes to make and eat at work, but you have to make do!

OMG, thanks to Kristin for showing me these from her Trader Joe's shopping trip and I loved them!

So I've been think about this blogging thing and what I've been doing with it this past month and for the future. So enters WEEKEND CHALLENGES!

Every weekend I'm going to challenge myself to do something new or even something I've done but never finished. Examples:

  • Another bottle of water a day
  • Rest day
  • No scale weekend (I know I'm controlled by this piece of metal:(
  • Cross-training

I can't think of anymore of the top of my head, but I also want more suggestions from others and I welcome anything. I also want to join anyone that wants to do this CHALLENGE with me and we will check in every Monday!

Be back later tonight for an AMAZING dinner, packing for my mini-Iowa vacation, and this weekend's challenge!


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